Introducing the new LaraClassified’s installer

We have recently significantly improved the installation process of our products (LaraClassified v2.x, JobClass, …).

After you have configured your server and uploaded the script files to your server (by following this documentation), by visiting your website (or your domain), the installation is automatically launched and you will be redirected to the URL:

The installation is done in 4 clear steps:

Step 1

Checking server components and write permissions on certain folders

Step 2

Configure your website and your mail server.


Step 3

Configure and import your website’s database

Step 4

Configure your website Cron jobs


End of installation

Overview of your website after installation

(Optional) For a fresh installation …

To make a fresh installation for your website, please delete these files (if exists) on your server:

/.env (optional)

… and drop all the tables in your database before starting the installation.