How can I translate my website?

All translations are handled by Laravel framework. On this URL you can find an example how to add new languages. The multilanguage support is up to you. Application have 3 languages ready to use (english, french and spanish).

Where I can edit my homepage?

The homepage view situated inside resources/views/home/index.blade.php. If you want to change the layout, descriptions or images, it is required to change that template by writing custom HTML and CSS code. Application does not contain CMS nor page builder.

I am missing field X and functionality Y. What I have to do?

Product is sold as it is so if you are looking for customizations you can ping as through item comments section if we are planning new features otherwise we recommend you to hire local developer who will be able to help you with development.

Item does not have good documentation because I can not find how to change functionality X.

Product is build upon the Laravel framework so the Laravel knowledge is required for changing the functionality or layout of application. It is not possible for us to document everything so we decided to put into documentation only necessary information about application like configs.

I’m unable to install on my hosting.

Before installing package you must make sure that you are capable of using composer, .htaccess or nginx config files and configuring permissions. We are not providing free installation services. If you think, that you found bug in the script or theme, feel free to create a ticket through tickets section. Don’t forget to attach error message and step by step process like how to replicate an issue. Then, our teams will fix the issue for the next update. It is important to know that we do not make refund based on the bugs reports.

Here you can see installation example.

Which PHP extensions are required?

It is mandatory to have installed all extensions required by Laravel plus the PHP Intl extension which is used to format currencies so the website will not work without PHP Intl.