Terms and Conditions

This software company is owned and operated by BEDIGIT. First of all, Please read carefully the Terms and conditions of for purchasing, downloading any of the product(s) from Bedigit.com or its product selling partner Envato.


1. Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances BEDIGIT will not be liable for any of your direct, indirect damage, loss data, business fault, client lost or any kind of damage. We are not bound to give you any update or install it to your server or response your any kinds of message or comments.

2. License

You can use 1 domain per purchase any of our product(s). You must have to purchase extended license for your client, and yes, it will be one domain per purchase.

3. Ownership and Liability

You can’t ask for ownership any of our product(s). We have rights to take action if you use our product(s) without our permission or purchase.

4. Warranty

Almost all of our product(s) comes with no warranty. We do not guarantee that it will be work to your server or all of browser.

However, we always check our product and we encourage for seeing a demo before purchasing.

5. Support

None of our products is supported. For those who bought our products with the support, the support does not include: Installation or Customization services or any Source Code modification.

6. User Termination or suspension

We reserve right to suspend any users and cancel his purchase, without giving refunds and without any notice for permanent or temporary. But probably you will get your account back.

7. Refund policy

Since BEDIGIT is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not provide any refund once the order is accomplished and the product downloaded. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any our products.

We also cannot provide refunds due to technical issues. Please use our help-center to report us issues or bugs you have been faced.

8. Privacy Policy

Your account information data will be never sold or transfer to any third party. We will keep and secure your data. finally, please welcome, and you will be happy, because of we are a great company.